Saturday 19 October 2013

64 Litre "Forest Edge" Tank - Week 12 Update

A combination of overseas travel, projects, work... and lots of procrastination, meant that i didn't get around to do any tank maintenance for more than 2 weeks.

As expected, the Rotala sp. 'Rotundifolia' and Micranthemum Micranthemoides quickly grew up to the top, then proceeded to keep growing across the water surface forming a dense canopy and started to overshadow the other plants.

Due to the lack of water changes, a noticeable layer of oily film built up on the water surface too, creating a "rainbow" effect on the surface reflection.

The whole tank started to look rather dim, though the fishes and shrimps seemed to like the shaded environment. :)

Time for a proper trim... proceeded to chop off the overgrown tops.

I also noticed there was one bunch of Blyxa Japonica in the front which grew so much that it was blocking the view... so i decided to just remove it.

Uprooting established plants like these will always tend to cause abit of a mess, so i used a pair of tweezers to just pull the base crown of the bunch a little, let the dust settle, then pull it out abit more each time. With abit of patience, i got it out neatly without clouding up the water.

To fill in the gap, i relocated a few Anubias sp. 'Petite' and spread them out to cover that area.

Notice in the above photo, the Anubias sp. 'Petite' have already grown roots which established in the soil substrate. When relocating them to another area, it'll be better to just snip off the longer roots to allow for easier placement and positioning. The roots will grow back out and establish again in time.

Here is the tank after some plant maintenance... and a much needed water change.

Now just waiting for the other plants to fill in. :)


  1. Hi where did u get the cabinet for the "Tree Scape" tank from? How much did u pay for it? Thanks.

    1. I got it custom made at CR Aquarium, cost around $180.

      Note that the cabinet quotes will vary based on the size, features and laminate quality you choose.

  2. Hi thats Block 1009 Eunos Ave 6 #01-02 right?

    1. Yes, thats their address, you can visit them to specify your cabinet design and get a quotation on it.