Tuesday 28 May 2013

32 Litre "Tapestry Garden" Tank - Week 2 Update

Quick update... the "Tapestry Garden" tank is now in its 2nd week and the plants have transitioned well. The plants are growing and still maintaining their bright green and red colors too.

I measured the various stem plants and the majority of them grew 1-2cm in height over the course of a week, sprouting new leaves and lots of new roots to anchor themselves into the substrate. The fastest grower so far is the Rotala Wallichii which grew around 2-3cm taller.

At this growth rate, the background stem plants would probably reach the water surface in about a month, so it'll be time for a trim then. I would probably rate the growth speed as moderate, which is what i was aiming for, so that the plants don't overrun the tank too fast, and i don't need to keep constantly trimming them every week. :)

Surprisingly, the Staurogyne sp. 'Repens' actually rooted in and grew quick enough that i was actually able to cut the tops off a few of the taller ones and replant them, had to clear a portion of the Hemianthus Callitrichoides on the left side to make space for them though.

The Cryptocoryne plants are growing new leaves too, which are starting to form a bushy look.

I'm currently dosing Tropica Plant Growth Specialised Fertilizer as well as Seachem Excel, both at double dosage to factor in the higher plant density. So far so good, no algae issues and plants are looking healthy.

Looks like the tank conditions are suitable for the plants and they are filling in well... though my main concern now is figuring out how to catch and transfer out all the fishes once my main tanks are ready, since they all like camping deep inside the plant mass. :)


  1. Hi UA,

    I am using your magnificent tank as example establishing my tank (similar) to yours. I will be to your recommended LFS to gather my plants coming weekend. Hopefully, mine will be compatible to yours in the coming weeks.

    Btw thanks for selling your 45cm lights. Appreciate it. Working well.


    Paul Low